Music Attribution


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Radio Boise would like to acknowledge these fine artists for the generous use of their music under our various projects. All the below music has been approved utilizing a Creative Commons CC BY, or CC BY SA license or by Artist Permission.

Airtone – H2O Instrumental
Tastenspieler – La Madeline au Truffe
Unreal_dm – AMB 001C
The Good Lawtz – Ground Cayenne
Jeris – Home Is Like A River
Tastenspieler – RTC @ Ppi – Soundz
texasradiofish – Funk Change, It Just Might Be
INEX, Sofia Carson – Love is the Name
Giordano Ruffaldi – Electrostatic
Drake Stafford – Casets
Richard Godwin – Black Horse
Stone From The Sky – F*** The Sun
Captive Portal – Music is Telephone
Gruppa l’pynna – he cyn pyky b orohb
SpiiningMerkaba – Cowboy Glitch
skunky prod 97160 – Eclipse
Urmymuse – Aquila
Javolenus – Miles Away
Glenn Mantang
Gary Eller/Idaho Songs Project – Hey Ho Lyda
Legacy – The Love is Fuel Story